Happi Focus Trainer

The Overlooked Type of Happiness

With the New Year upon us, there is always an emphasis on the word “Happy”. In recent years, the framework of the positive psychologists, led by Martin Seligman, has dominated the discourse about it. I think that a little self reflection will reveal that their two types of happiness, hedonistic and eudemonic, are an incomplete […]

The Unique Benefits of the New Happi Focus Trainer

The Unique Benefits of the  New Happi Focus Trainer We’ve just replaced the Happi Trainer with a much more complete system, and renamed it throughout the website and on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  The Happi Focus Trainer offers a combination of powerful life transformations that has not been available before in any wellness product–for […]

A Holiday Gift: Simply Learning to Enhance Your Happiness

A Holiday Gift: Simply Learning to  Enhance Your Happiness I’ve been writing about the idea that happiness can be learned, and now I’m giving you a way to start that’s quite simple…watching the video we just made from an interview I gave on a major Toronto radio station in October.  We’ve added hundreds of happy […]

A Direct and Measurable Approach to Improving Your Attention Span

What is Attention Span? Attention span is the ability to keep focused on one thing without becoming distracted in any way.  The best illustration of this on the web is a three-minute challenge on YouTube, in which you are continually reminded to pay attention to the speaker, who is not trying to be particularly interesting.   The […]

How 40 Cycle Gamma Brainwave Training Can Maintain Your Brain and Happiness:

How 40 Cycle Gamma Brainwave Training Can Maintain Your Brain and Happiness: An Idea From MIT Should Work Better With Our NeurofeedbackDr. Jon Cowan – Sunday, March 01, 2020The Scientific World is Finally Catching Up With UsSeveral recent scientific articles and a new popular book have pointed out the key importance of “40 cycle per […]

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