Happi Focus Trainer

Be Happier Quickly By Training Your Brain’s Dopamine System
Now you can directly increase feelings of happiness, gratitude, and satisfaction! We all know that these rewarding feelings originate in the brain–from activating important basic brain systems. Recent research has pointed out a way to set the brain’s Neureka! system to a higher output level and enhance these feelings, without the prolonged discipline of meditation or the difficult exercises of positive psychologists, which their research has shown to be hardly effective.  Learning how to generalize these feelings by using Happitation to create them throughout the day is more direct, far easier and more effective.
Why Does It Work?

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro and the Happi Focus Trainer Pro are based on using a new technology to enhance the output of the pleasurable brain chemical, dopamine, by modifying the brain’s electrical activity at the prime spot–the Prefrontal Pleasure Center–where it can be accessed. Best of all, just a few short lessons with either will begin your mastery of this key brain system, so you can start to enhance feelings of happiness, love, and peace, while simultaneously decreasing your stress levels. Over time, you will learn to access these feelings on your own, whenever you want to.  You will learn how to control your brain’s dopamine system.

Step-By-Step As the Video Shows
1. First, pleasure impulses in the brain originate in the central parts called the VTA (ventral tegmental area) and the NA (nucleus accumbens).
2. They then travel to the Prefrontal Pleasure Center and stimulate it, travelling through brain cells and synapses that use dopamine as the key pleasure chemical.
3. These messages increase the output of the Neureka! brainwave signal, which is then picked up by the Sensors in the SensorBand and converted to a wireless radio signal by the transmitter on the SensorBand.
4. The receiver plugged into the USB port on the laptop receives the signal and feeds it into a program (Bio Explorer) that displays your Neureka! or Happiness level visually and by changing the pitch of the sound of a bell.
5. The Trainer helps you along by showing you wonderful videos and/or beautiful music to start your emotions going in a positive direction by appreciating them.
6. The result is that when you start to feel even the slightest increase in pleasure, you will know it from the feedback. Before long, you will learn to enhance it and see the results instantly.
7. Then, as you feel better, the picture gets bigger and the sounds get louder. You can select your own inspiring videos to encourage you to achieve even stronger feelings of happiness, love, satisfaction, and peace.

This self-control skill can be mastered with repetition, like any other type of neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback).  Improvements are really rapid because the feedback is very clear.  You begin to understand and control the feedback (picture size, charts, and numbers) within minutes.  No other brainwave (EEG) biofeedback system includes this type of neurofeedback.