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How to Intentionally Increase Happiness and Focus

How to Intentionally Increase Happiness and Focus There Are Huge Deficits in Happiness and Focus Right Now   Around the world, people are a lot less happy than they were before COVID.  Although we often use more specific terms–such as fear, fatigue, stress, uncertainty, illness —each of them is connected...

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The Overlooked Type of Happiness

The Overlooked Type of Happiness With the New Year upon us, there is always an emphasis on the word “Happy”. In recent years, the framework of the positive psychologists, led by Martin Seligman, has dominated the discourse about it. I think that a little self reflection will reveal that their...

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The Unique Benefits of the New Happi Focus Trainer

The Unique Benefits of the  New Happi Focus Trainer We’ve just replaced the Happi Trainer with a much more complete system, and renamed it throughout the website and on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.  The Happi Focus Trainer offers a combination of powerful life transformations that has not been available...

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