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Happy, Fast, Effective Attention Training

Studies Shows Our System is Fast and Effective in Improving Attention Problems!

Our Clearer Feedback Doubles Attention Span in Five Sessions!

Problems with Focus are more common after the COVID pandemic.  The Happi Focus Trainer will help.

The Happi Focus Trainer adds more joyful Focus training for anyone from age 7 up who wishes to improve.

Our brains are designed to reward us for learning something new by creating positive feelings, so we continue to explore and discover, for our survival.  The Happi Focus Trainer transforms these brain systems.

It trains three types of attention:  Focus; Attention Span; and Intense, Widescreen Attention to something new.

The 23 top executives of a Fortune 500 company doubled their Attention Span in 5 sessions in a study done by the founder of the U.S. Army’s Center for Enhanced Performance.  

Do your previously “normal” clients, children or students really need to improve after COVID?  Can they do even better than before it?

This leading-edge brainwave biofeedback instrument helped ADHD subjects improve their Auditory Attention over 40% in just 12 sessions of 25 minutes each. See the study and chart below.  These examples show that everyone can benefit. 

The Happi Focus Trainer Pro can help schools, tutors, coaches, and parents:

After just five practice sessions training to sustain uninterrupted Focus, their Attention Span doubled.
  • Regain students’ skills lost during COVID and make further gains toward their peak performance.
  • Improve students’ educational experience by enlarging their Attention Span.
  • Enhance their memory by Neureka! training.
  • Decrease behavior problems in the classroom and school suspensions.
  • While making them feel good!

Your Choice of Our Trainers

You can choose our premium product, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro, or the simpler, less expensive Happi Focus Trainer Pro,  with its sequence of Lessons.  They are both derived from the original Peak Achievement Trainer, which clearly measured and displayed two main dimensions of mental processing: Focus and Alertness.  Both products add Neureka!, which trains the brain’s system for processing new learning, and improves “wide screen” attention, reaction time, and a variety of positive feelings.   

Another benefit of Neureka! may be enhanced long-term health and success. Our study subjects, who all improved Neureka!, became over 30% happier and remained at that level, effortlessly, for at least 4 months. Many studies show a clear link between happiness and future health and success. This may be one of the most important lessons your students learn.

The Happi Focus Trainer Pro adds several screen designs and improved instructions to our Happi Trainer, which it replaces, to improve its ability to train single-pointed Focus, as well as exercises to improve your wide screen attention.  However, it does not have any designs that train Alertness, which may be particularly useful for post-COVID brain fog, seniors, anxiety and ADHD. 

Both Trainers are included in our Combo Package, along with our Socialize Ace (for autistic issues) and our Mood Elevator (for depressed moods).  For a list of what is included in each product, look at our FAQ page.

Rapid Improvements With ADHD Children

A study, presented by Dr. Estate (Tato) Sokhadze from the University of Louisville (now at Duke University) at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research meeting, showed some remarkable changes in attention in just 12 sessions (5 hours total) of Focus and Alertness training.

In his study, he recorded pre and post IVA Sustained Attention scores, which were all significantly better after training.  

This chart shows significant improvements in lethargy, hyperactivity, and inappropriate speech.   All of these were significant at p < .05 or better, which is extraordinary for such a short training period.

To see Dr. Sokhadze’s poster, a winner of a research prize from the Univ. of Louisville, click here.  He presented a very similar poster at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, 2010.

For very complete results from his larger published study on ADHD, visit this webpage

The Trainers for Professionals of All Persuasions

Both Trainers are far simpler to use than other neurofeedback or brainwave (EEG) biofeedback instruments, and far more accurate.  Your learning curve is fast:  There is no need to figure out how to create and use neurofeedback designs and displays, or do complex QEEGs, thereby saving so much valuable time and frustration that any price difference pales in comparison.  Even better, so is the student’s learning curve:  Most systems take at least several sessions under the guidance of a professional to reach the control of the feedback that can be achieved in just minutes with our patented, proprietary protocols.  The students soon recognize that it makes them feel good, and they are eager to return for more training.

The Happi Focus Trainer Pro is an ideal system for professionals who are just starting out in neurofeedback and want something that is preconfigured, simple, and can make a major impact on their clients in a short time.  It can bring clients to your practice, and you can create programs in association with local organizations that recognize the COVID-related learning deficits.  There is a huge amount of funding in the American Rescue Plan ($34 Billion) for each school that applies for COVID aid to set aside 20% of the grant to catch students up, and they are looking for innovative approaches to improving study skills.  What can you organize to meet this need?  For more, see this page.

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