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Fast, Effective Focus Training
New Study Shows Our System is Fast and Effective in Eradicating Attention Problems!
Clearer Feedback Improves Attention Span
“The addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an attention span
of nine seconds – the same as a goldfish.”   From A BBC News Article*
The 23 top executives of a Fortune 500 company doubled their attention span in 5 sessions.  How many of your students really need this?
This leading-edge brainwave biofeedback instrument helped ADHD subjects improve their auditory attention over 40% in just 12 sessions of 25 minutes each. (see chart below).
The Trainer can help schools:
  • Improve students’ educational experience by enlarging their attention span.
  • Enhance their memory by Neureka! training.
  • Decrease behavior problems in the classroom and school suspensions.
The Peak Achievement Trainer clearly measures and displays two main dimensions of mental processing: Focus and Alertness.  It has been replaced by our premium product, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, adds Neureka!, which measures the brain’s system for processing new learning, due to its popularity.  Neureka! training improves memory, reaction time, and a variety of positive feelings.
A study, presented by Dr. Estate (Tato) Sokhadze from the University of Louisville at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research meeting, showed some remarkable changes in attention in just 12 sessions (5 hours total) of Focus and Alertness training.
In his study, he recorded pre and post IVA scores. Furthermore, the next chart shows clear improvements in lethargy, hyperactivity, and inappropriate speech.   All of these were significant at p < .05 or better, which is extraordinary for such a short training period.
The chart below shows significant improvements in lethargy, hyperactivity, and inappropriate speech.   All of these were significant at p < .05 or better, which is extraordinary for such a short training period.
In our study, we recorded pre and post IVA scores. To see Dr. Sokhadze’s poster, a winner of a research prize from the Univ. of Louisville, click here.  He presented a very similar poster at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research, 2010.
Another benefit may be enhanced long-term health and success. Study subjects who improved Neureka!, became over 30% happier and remained at that level, effortlessly, for at least 4 months. Many studies * show a clear link between happiness and future health and success. This may be one of the most important lessons your students learn.
This complete, easy to use Peak BrainHappiness Trainer package includes everything needed–except a Windows PC–to do neurovideofeedback™. No licensing or certification is necessary.  The centerpiece is a wireless brainwave analyzer that transmits the information to a receiver that attaches to a personal computer. The Trainer also includes:
  •  A BrainLink Pro 2 – a  sterilizable leather or plastic headband (your choice) with dry electrodes.
  • The BioExplorer-based biofeedback software system and copy protection HASP.
  • Three exclusive protocols that train Focus, Alertness, and Neureka! with 77 different display screens, using various combinations to control audio and video feedback.
  • Two Manuals totaling over 170 pages that make it easy for you or your staff to learn to train.
  • A Quick Guide to Performing Peak Achievement and BrainHappiness Sessions.
  • One year of support and program updates.
The Trainer is far simpler to use than other neurofeedback or brainwave (EEG) biofeedback instruments, and far more accurate.  Most systems take at least several sessions under the guidance of a professional to reach the control that can be achieved in just minutes with our patented, proprietary protocols. There is no need to figure out how to create and use neurofeedback designs and displays, saving so much valuable time and frustration that any price difference pales in comparison.

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