Excited Happiness:  Many People Live for It!
Do you recall moments in your life when you could feel happiness glowing in every part of your body? It could have come from your favorite team winning the championship on a last second play, or your favorite band coming out for an encore and playing a song where the whole audience is singing along. Why is Michael Jackson considered the “King of Pop”? Because his singing and dancing made us all excited and happy.

These moments of excited happiness are often the most memorable in a person’s life. What if you could create similar feelings without the last second shot, or a concert encore? NeuroTek is proud to announce new designs for the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro that can help you reach states of Excited Happiness.

I was feeling down in the dumps, overwhelmed by thinking about a number of troubling situations. I decided to do an Excited Happiness session. Just a few minutes after I started the 25-minute session, I was feeling quite cheerful and my troubles had faded into the background. It lasted for the rest of the day. The next day, I trained with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer for just 15 minutes and although I was cognitively aware of my troubling problems, they had no emotional effect on me. I remained happy and a bit excited. Again, it lasted the entire day. How wonderful!

–Nurse Practitioner specializing in Psychiatry

These designs were a huge hit at the First World Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association. As the word spread, our booth was crowded with people interested in experiencing a demo. Some waited for over an hour to enjoy this new way to feel good. All of these professionals were quite impressed with how powerfully and quickly the Trainer’s Neureka! Software and Excited Happiness Designs improved their feelings.

What are the Excited Happiness designs?  They are neurovideofeedback  (brainwave biofeedback with video) displays for the PC–and the calculations behind them–that show you your level of Neureka! and Alertness/arousal from moment to moment.  By training to increase both of them simultaneously, you can reach a state of Excited Happiness.  You train yourself by looking at the feedback displays and discovering which types of thoughts and feelings make them go up.  The Neureka! neurofeedback enhances your happiness, love, and gratitude, as shown by a recent experiment, while the Alertness/arousal is exciting and amplifies any feeling you have going.  Your positive feelings are amplified and you stay pumped up.
A DVD or video file can be shown in the large window of the Excited Happiness designs’ displays. When you feel happy, the (blue) Neureka! Protocol responds and makes the picture size get bigger and the sound louder.
When you feel Alert and aroused (shown in orange), the picture gets brighter.  You soon discover how to make the picture both bigger and brighter, and how to sustain these wonderful feelings!   To help you steer in the right direction, find a video of anything that creates the feeling you want to get you started, such as a recording of the Boston Pops or rock ‘n roll.  Just immerse yourself in the experience and feel better and better.  See how the picture guides you to intensify this.  Soon you will be able to get there without the help of the video or audio.  You will have learned the key skill—self control of your brain states.
You can then take this skill with you into your daily life and practice it regularly as Excited Happitation.  This will improve your mood for a long time.

The Excited Happiness designs, which require the Alertness Protocol, are only available in the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro.

You’ve often heard the question: What is the price of a happy life? Some people say it’s priceless.  Many sages have stated its the most important goal of all.

Are you ready to have the power to increase your Happiness?

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