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We Train Three Dimensions of Mental Processing

Focus: ‘Single-pointedness’ of concentration on a perception, thought, or image.
Alertness/Arousal: Results from mental effort or interest.
Neureka!: Clarity and understanding.  Happiness and pleasure.

  • Training Neureka! brainwaves (40 cycle per second gamma) improves your mental ability  
  • It helps clarify comprehension of what is happening and improves autistic issues.
  • Evoked by being aware of yourself and what just happened to you
  • Feels like really waking up—“Aha!”
  • Creates a very complete view of your experience
  • Sensitive to moments of discovery—“What did I just do right? I want to remember it.”
  • Related to comprehension, understanding, appreciation of yourself and others, gratitude, compassion.
  • Related to dopamine release which rewards new discoveries.
  • Pleasurable and enjoyable. It just feels blissful!

Focus: 'Single-pointedness' of concentration on a perception, thought, or image

  • Doesn’t matter which type of object
  • Can be relaxed, very alert, or in-between
  • Responds negatively to distraction
  • Easier to sustain
  • The duration of a focusing “run” is a measure of attention span, which can be enhanced

Alertness/Arousal: Results from mental effort or interest

  • More intense stimulation, interest
  • Summoning the resources to respond
  • Associated with tightening muscles, chest breathing, anxiety
  • Potentially stressful and fatiguing
  • Related to stimulation of the Reticular Activating System
  • “Fight or Flight”
  • Probably related to noradrenalin
  • Enhances emotion
  • Lowering it enhances calmness and relaxation
  • Hard to sustain—need to build the capacity by training and minimize utilization
  • Underarousal is associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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