Focused Alert Software

This highly accurate software analyzes your brainwaves and shows you when you are focusing and when you are not by changing the sounds from the computer and several displays on the screen. You focus tightly on a moving line on the computer screen, which responds by moving higher. The pitch of the flute sound shifts higher as you focus on any sight, sound, image, or part of the body. Almost every user can understand and control this Focus feedback within about two minutes.

The FocusedAlert Protocol screen shows how it changes over time, going from right (present) to left (past). This shows several cycles of Focus (yellow) and Alertness (orange), punctuated by microbreaks. The grey at the bottom indicates that there was very little muscle tension during the recording.

Our remarkable discoveries led to the development of the FocusedAlert and Neureka! Protocols. The FocusedAlert Protocols add the dimension of Alertness to the original Focus measurement. It takes a lot of mental energy to keep this degree of alertness or arousal going.  This is a key to the mental side of athletic training.  The Peak Achievement Trainer® can be used to enhance your mental energy capacity and also to decrease your utilization so that you have greater energy reserves. We have also developed methods to train for an Optimal Alertness Range, which is very important for Peak Performance.

This Alertness dimension is also easy to understand and control, usually taking less than three minutes. The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro’s® FocusedAlert Program allows you to monitor and train concentration and alertness as separate dimensions of attention–separately or simultaneously. With the same, simple Sensor hook-up, you can observe and reinforce measures that respond to both single-pointed focus and “on-the-edge” high Alertness, that extra arousal which occurs right before you hit the ball. You can also learn to stay calm and focused, decreasing your stress and improving your mental stamina.

The best approach to optimizing performance is to analyze and improve it on a moment to moment basis. With the FocusedAlert Program, you can now have the precision necessary to actually see the user’s concentration and alertness separately at every moment during the performance of a work, study, or athletic activity, as well as to train the underlying skills. You can train yourself to visualize better, using the feedback for Focus as an indication of the quality and completeness of your visualization. We have found that it is possible to train the user by providing feedback during their visualization of a performance, thereby eliminating problems produced by movement artifacts.

These performance-enhancing designs are all implemented in a superb Windows-based data acquisition and feedback program, which also supports video capture and neurovideofeedback™ . You can control a DVD, CD, or animation with your Focus, Alertness, or both. When you enter an optimal Zone, the display you choose plays. Lose your Focus or Alertness, and it stands still. Within the Zone, the image gets bigger as you Focus and brighter with more Alertness. The fully functional object-oriented program allows you to make billions of different neurofeedback designs and to connect with a wide variety of other devices.

The package also includes a data review program, BioReview, which allows you to see the entire session at a glance, zoom in on a particular portion of the session, print out results, and export data to other programs.


You may not use the Neureka!  or FocusedAlert Protocols for measuring or recording the responses of individuals to advertising, web pages, video, film, television, lectures, or any other media presentations of any type for purposes of studying or improving the effectiveness of such presentations. Special licensing is available for this purpose.
Each license for the Neureka! protocol covers its use with only one HASP on one computer at a time.
For information on the third dimension of mental processing, Neureka!, click here.

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