Help yourself grow your business while you help others to:
  • Focus better while they relax more.
  • Feel happier and more satisfied.
  • Improve their performance at work, sport, school, or life.
  • Lower their stress and improve their health.

If you are A:

  • Golf or tennis pro
  • Sports performance coach
  • Spa owner
  • Fitness club owner
  • Personal trainer
  • Peak performance specialist
  • Executive coach
  • Person with cajones
  • Special Educator
  • Lifestyle Coach
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner
  • Geriatrician or anti-aging specialist
  • Chiropractor
  • Osteopath
  • Physical Therapist
  • Holistic practitioner
  • Wellness center owner
  • Tutor
  • Meditation Teacher can earn extra money with the Peak Brain Happiness Trainer, the Happi Trainer, or Socialize ACE

For each half-hour session with a Trainer, you can charge between $50 and $100; full hour sessions can run $100 to $240, or even more if you are at an upscale spa. You can add these sessions to your current professional offerings.  Be creative and sell packages of 5 to 20 sessions at reduced rates to fill your calendar.  Schedule these sessions right before your professional sessions to create the right frame of mind for peak performance.
With the current restrictions due to COVID, happiness is in short supply.  You can train people how to create happiness from within themselves, while they train at home, and resell and set up our Happi Trainer.    For more details, consult our professional Happi Trainer page.
Marketing is a key, and we’re here to help with ideas for brochures, websites, and seminars. As an example, one West Coast practitioner recently gave an introductory seminar for about 50 people, and she booked 16 half-hour sessions for just the next day at $75 per session. Since she was visiting the area, she had to turn away two more clients, and there were others who could not schedule it the next day but could have done so later in the week. At that rate ($800 per day), she could have paid for her Peak BrainHappiness Trainer in less than 4 days.
There are currently no restrictions on the educational background or licensing of those who wish to offer these educational services. You can train an assistant who is good at motivating clients to offer any of our trainings.

For those with clinical licenses:

There are little-known but quite legitimate ways to bill health insurance very substantially for this service, if the client’s diagnosis and your license permit. Of course, we’re not permitted to make any medical claims for this educational system, but we don’t restrict what a licensed health care practitioner tells or does with their patients. We’ll fill you in if its appropriate after you purchase.

Resellers and affiliates:

We are also interested in developing resellers and affiliates. If you are interested in learning more about this business opportunity, please let us know by e-mail ( or phone after you fill in our inquiry form.
Are you ready to have the power to increase your Happiness?

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You will also receive a special report, ” Understanding and Activating Your Brain’s Pleasure Centers ” . Learn about the relationships of dopamine to reward, pleasure, and addiction.

This website is primarily focused on the Happi Trainer, but it also contains background information on the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, its predecessor for professionals with 77 designs and the Alertness protocol, which is still available, and other current Peak Achievement products.  As you browse the site, you can find the emphasis of the page by the logo in the upper left corner.
Our products are educational instruments.
They are not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or disorder, and cannot be used for evaluating advertising or other media.
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