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How to Intentionally Increase Happiness and Focus

There Are Huge Deficits in Happiness and Focus Right Now

  Around the world, people are a lot less happy than they were before COVID.  Although we often use more specific terms–such as fear, fatigue, stress, uncertainty, illness —each of them is connected with greater unhappiness.  COVID has also made it more difficult for people to focus on their studies or work, and its clear that about 20% of those who suffered emerged with long-term problems in focusing and thinking, and many more are affected by the interruption.  It will take several more months for the consequences of the more widespread omicron variant to become clearer.

  We Are Overlooking Creating Intentional Happiness and Focus   
Our last newsletter discussed the idea that we can teach ourselves to be intentionally happy–source it from within us–without the need for external sources, which are frequently hedonistic and can lead to dependence on them.  We can actually increase the activity levels of basic brain systems, such as Neureka!, the one that understands new discoveries, processes learning, and rewards it with happiness and other positive feelings.  This gamma brainwave system, which scans the brain to understand and respond to inputs, is probably related to activating dopamine, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter. 
Why Isn’t Intentional Happiness and Focus Easy for Everyone?
   What is missing is the success meter–a clear indication of how well you are doing from moment to moment.  We call it feedback.  Companies are constantly seeking feedback when they ask you to evaluate their staff with a survey.  In this case, since there are biological brain systems which actually produce the changes in happiness and focus, its called biofeedback. 
   We haven’t had really accurate biofeedback available to judge our instantaneous levels of focus or happiness, until research by our group developed and tested new measures called Focus and Neureka!, which includes happiness and a lot more.

The Experience of Happi Focus Training
  Now that we know what to aim for…so what is the experience like?  You sit in front of a laptop screen, wearing a headset, headband or a cap with three metal sensors, which detect your brainwaves and send them to a small digital electronic converter.  This broadcasts them via Bluetooth to the laptop.  Our exclusive programs convert them to displays–bars or pictures (of your choice) which get bigger as your Neureka! or Focus levels improve.  You can see these changes take place from moment to moment and intentionally change your brain’s activity to make the bars or videos larger, and the sounds higher in pitch.  That’s the feedback loop in action.  Your brain learns from it, even though you may not be able to put it into words.  You know how to get there–be Happier and/or achieve better Focus–easier and quicker whenever you intend to.
A Dozen Step-By-Step Lessons
   We have made Happi Focus even simpler to learn by including training videos and a syllabus–a dozen lessons that set out what you need to do to learn to enhance happiness and improve focus, and a lot more.  You can learn at your own pace, and repeat lessons that you find difficult or particularly wonderful.  Its well suited for small group training in a professional setting, or individual work at home. 
You will never be the same!

Enjoy your focused life,

Dr. Jon Cowan
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How to Intentionally Increase Happiness and Focus