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Neureka! Software Measures Happiness, Pleasure, Discovery, Learning and Memory 
Peak Achievement Training discovered and introduced The Neureka! Protocols
Training with Neureka! actually does a lot more than teach you to feel good. It improves the quality of your life and each experience in it by increasing your comprehension, awareness, satisfaction, and memory. You are more fully conscious of what you are experiencing and understand things at a deeper level. This new mind power completes the Three Fundamental Dimensions of Mental Processing that the Peak Achievement Trainer can measure and enhance: Focus, Alertness and Awareness.
Neureka! responds to the Aha! effect from a new discovery: You solved a problem, did something really well, had an insight. “Something went right! What exactly did I do differently? I want to remember this!” This feeling is linked with your learning process, so training your mind to enhance it:
  • Increases learning and memory.
  • Increases your awareness and clarity.
  • Improves your ability to truly understand a topic or situation.
  • Results in a feeling of satisfaction of accomplishment, gratitude, joy, and perhaps bliss.
The brain is designed so that feeling this occurs in short bursts, so that it doesn’t distract you from threatening situations, but it can be enhanced and prolonged with training.

While studied for decades, this kind of training has only recently become simple, thanks to our advances in technology. The Neureka! Protocol’s superior package of designs for the Peak Achievement Trainer measure, clarify, and display the 40 Hertz rhythm. Then, with easy-to-follow feedback you quickly strengthen your Neureka! mind power. Animations, DVDs, CDs and MP3s controlled by Neureka! further enhance your experience.

Neureka! is a direct way to activate your brain’s pleasure center!

This is the part of your brain that lights up (activates) when you win money or experience a variety of pleasures. A study from Stanford University documented this result in people performing a gambling task inside an fMRI brain scanner. This location, the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC), is actually right underneath the center of the forehead–just where the Peak Achievement Trainer has been placing its EEG Sensors for the last 24 years. It is part of the brain’s main reward system, which uses dopamine as the neuromodulator.

As a similar example, we have related the experiences of anticipating winning money and visualizing the winnings to increases in the Neureka! measurement we have pioneered.  Neureka is in blue, Focus in yellow, and Alertness in orange. Here’s a session summary showing 100 seconds each of:
1.  Neutral baseline condition
2. Anticipating winning money
3. Visualizing the winnings
4. Another neutral baseline with some carry-over of happiness

Both the anticipation of winning and the visualization of it increased the blue Neureka! measurement, but not the yellow Focus or orange Alertness. Then Neureka! faded away along with the feelings of happiness.
Our remarkable published studies on Neureka! are summarized in the menu column titled Brainwaves and Happiness
Neureka! is a new way of tracking and training your brain’s memory organizing system
Our brains work on electrical patterns. Brain waves of different reflect different brain functions – thoughts, feelings and commands to our body – functions like sleep, relaxation, focus and alertness.
The speed of the brainwaves is measured in cycles per second and labeled Hertz. The speed that Neureka! clarifies by its proprietary algorithm, 40 Hertz, is a special type of brainwave: Part of it comes from a separate brain system that scans your brain 40 times a second, finding fragments of a specific response and putting them together into a whole event in its context. This “event binding rhythm” is responsible for our awareness.
When you solve a math problem, the 40 Hertz brainwave increases. People with learning disabilities and Alzheimer’s disease have a lower amplitude (weaker) 40 Hertz brainwave. Tibetan Buddhist monks have very high amplitude (stronger) 40 Hertz brainwave. Research showed that the increased 40 Hertz in the monks is related to the clarity of the monks’ meditation.

Other studies have shown that this 40 Hertz band, particularly the similarity between wave patterns from different locations, is related to the formation of associative memories and to faster reaction time. All of this is reviewed in the History of the 40 Hertz Rhythm in our Happi Trainer and Neureka! Manuals and posted on the Article webpage.

When the 40 Hertz rhythm encounters the dopamine reward system in the prefrontal cortex, its effects are emphasized by dopamine release into the synapses. The dopamine that is released and makes you feel good also amplifies the connections between the neurons there, making the connections get stronger and persist longer. That’s why you learn quicker when Neureka! is really activated.
The 40 Hertz rhythm typically occurs in short bursts. If you can learn to make these bursts bigger, longer, and/or occur more often, this should improve your memory. Neureka! has shown significant effects in twelve training sessions!
We have discovered a unique, proprietary method to clarify the brainwave pattern by eliminating most of the influences of the EMG (contamination by muscle contraction), Focus, and Alertness.
This is an example of the 40 Hertz rhythm, displayed by the panel on the lower left of the “Neureka! F–Neureka! Triggers and Enlarges DVD Research Version.bxd” design in this package. The filtered 40 Hertz signal is shown in dark pink in the middle, and its integrated amplitude by the light pink at the bottom. On the left, you can see the rapid waxing and waning of the 40 Hertz filtered signal, which looks like an old-fashioned spindle. At the right end of the Figure, you can see the both of them respond to tightening the nose. The blue Neureka! trace on top responds to the 40 Hertz brain output, but not to the tight nose. This is what is unique about Neureka! Concerns about muscle tension contamination have kept the 40 Hertz rhythm from widespread use for many years.

The Neureka! Protocols are now a part of the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro software. The complete package includes:

  1. A set of new designs that detect the presence of Neureka! in the EEG signal, including the Main Designs and the Research Designs
  2. Demonstration Designs that adjust quickly to introduce your clients to the Three Principal Dimensions of Mental Processing: Neureka!, Focus and Alertness
  3. Complete instructions on how to control and master Neureka!
  4. DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and Animations – controlled by your Neureka! signal
  5. Neurovideofeedback™ for Neureka! with Focus and/or Alertness.  Video recording and playback accompanies our wireless neurofeedback.  These powerful combinations open up new frontiers for mental training
  6. Templates for reports that allow you to graph your progress within each session and between sessions (via export to Excel)

The complete Neureka! Package is available with the purchase of the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro, which includes the Focus and Alert Protocols. 

You may not use the Neureka! or FocusedAlert Protocols for measuring or recording the responses of individuals to advertising, web pages, video, film, television, lectures, or any other media presentations of any type for purposes of studying or improving the effectiveness of such presentations. Special licensing is available for this purpose.

Each license for the Neureka! protocol covers its use with only one HASP on one computer at a time.

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