Focus Better, Stay Alert or Calm, Be Happier Whenever You Wish

Every aspect of success starts within your most powerful asset…YOUR BRAIN. Strengthening its ability is paramount for SUCCESS.

Modifying Your Fundamental Biological Brain Functions

Like conditioning and strength training for your body, a few workouts with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro®,  produce noticeable improvements in the condition and power of your brain. Like a good coach, this professional Peak Achievement Training system teaches you how to effectively use and continually strengthen your brain.  It is the fastest, simplest way to improve your ability to focus your attention, with many FocusAlert screen designs.   It also includes more complete Neureka! training designs, and Alertness training to control your arousal at crucial moments–a lot more than our Happi Focus Trainer.

What do the Pros think?

“No matter how potent an instrument may appear to professionals in the sport psychology field, ultimately, it must be respected by elite international performers as having real value. There has been clear support from all the elite athletes tested thus far, to the degree that I have no hesitation in using the Peak Achievement Trainer with any of my elite clientele.” –Dr. Noel Blundell, International Consultant.  
Read his complete review and check out Noel on Australia’s Sky TV (see below), showing how the Peak Achievement Trainer has helped his athletes.

Peak Achievement Training has a wide variety of uses--by individuals, in schools, the workplace, executive training, athletic clubs and teams, senior centers, assisted living facilities, and mental health care centers.” For information on specific uses, click on Uses on the menu above.

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All of these performance enhancing capacities are now included in the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro,which also features Neureka! and Excited Happiness, the sports fan’s favorite state.  Now you can enjoy the easiest way to be happy whenever you want.

Margaret Wilkes, who successfully competed for Principal Horn in the Kansas All-State orchestra, reflects upon how her teacher blended Peak Achievement Training with traditional instructional methods and hemi-sync tapes to help her achieve this lifelong goal. Peak Achievement Trainer Ann Trechak of Sound Health Designs, Wichita, KS devised PAT guided learning strategies for horn student Margaret Wilkes. Hear Margaret’s story of achieving her goals using the Peak Achievement Trainer.

A brief course of Peak Achievement Training helped an Australian Football player, Drew Petrie, to sharpen his shooting. He scored four goals in the next match, including the game winner. This story, from Melbourne, Australia’s Sky TV, documents Petrie’s training by sport psychologist Dr. Noel Blundell and its remarkable results

Check out the Peak Achievement Trainer® as seen on KTVU in Phoenix.

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