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Our Most Complete Training System

Our research-based product line is based on our most complete neurofeedback system, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro, which is designed for use by peak performance trainers and those with clinical practices.   It includes over 77 different training screen designs for neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback) of our three basic methods–Focus, Alertness, and Neureka!–separately or in combination.  Brainwave biofeedback training is a well-established method for enhancing the function of basic brain systems; however, our approaches are major improvements. These unique brain fitness approaches can be used to improve attention span, memory, cognition, and a wide variety of positive feelings.  It also features the Excited Happiness and MeditAider designs, which are not included in other products.

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The Happi Focus Trainer:  A Dozen Lessons for Feeling and Performing a Lot Better

We have recently introduced the Happi Focus Trainer Pro, another  simplification for home or office use based on published studies.  This is the first neurofeedback training system that is organized into a set of lessons with step-by-step instructions, combined with Training Videos to show you how to do them.  The sequence of lessons improves academic, job, and athletic learning and performance and your feelings while you are mastering new skills.

Focus training can improve your ability to single-pointedly focus  and your attention span.  Neureka! enhances the ability to learn and remember new experiences. This includes the widescreen, holistic, attention we pay to new experiences, which we don’t understand immediately but must evaluate quickly.  As a reward for this effort to understand,  Neureka! training improves a wide variety of positive feelings, and can be trained to last for a long time.  This training can be made a part of your every day life through practicing Happitation, taught in our Manual, which enhances the effect, and Focused Happitation, which applies this positive learning experience.  Many studies indicate that enhancing our current happiness enhances long-term health and improves resistance to viruses.  

The Happi Focus Trainer Pro is an ideal system for home users and professionals who are just starting out in neurofeedback and want something that is preconfigured, simple, and can make a major impact on them, their family, and/or their clients in a short time.  It can bring clients to your practice, and you can create programs in association with local organizations that recognize the COVID-related learning deficits.  There is a huge amount of funding in the American Rescue Plan ($34 Billion) for each school that applies for COVID aid to set aside 20% of the grant to catch students up, and they will be looking for innovative approaches to improving study skills.  What can you organize to meet this need?  

The Socialize Ace Pro Improves Autistic’s Issues With Socialization and Understanding

As a result of some remarkable results of studies showing that a combination of Focus and Neureka! improves the lives of those with autistic issues, we have created a simpler system with only five designs from the original Trainer and more specific instructions, the Socialize ACE Pro , which is designed to be used at home, but can also be offered in the clinic. Both of these products include only the Focus and Neureka! protocols.  

A Supplemental Product That Quickly Improves Depressed Moods

In addition, we offer an add-on software package for the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, the Mood Elevator Pro, which is specifically designed to follow the procedure in a research study which showed remarkable effectiveness with treatment-resistant depression.

All Our Products Are Simpler to Use and Easier to Understand

These Trainers are far simpler to use than other neurofeedback or brainwave (EEG) biofeedback instruments, and provide far more accurate measures of your experience.  Your learning curve is fast:  There is no need to figure out how to create and use neurofeedback designs and displays, or do complex QEEGs, thereby saving so much valuable time and frustration that any price difference pales in comparison.  Even better, so is the student’s learning curve:  Most systems take at least several sessions under the guidance of a professional to reach the control of the feedback that can be achieved in just minutes with our patented, proprietary protocols.  The students soon recognize that it makes them feel good, and they are eager to return for more training.

All of our products now use outstanding brainwave-sensing headbands, made of BioPrene with gold electrode sensors. They have sold many thousands and work very reliably without electrode paste. The leather ones are extremely comfortable and can be put on by a client without your help, and sterilized afterwards with an alcohol swab. This “Touchless Neurofeedback” makes a clinical practice safer during COVID. They connect to your computer wirelessly by Bluetooth. See the page on Computer Requirements  for more information.

For those who wish to have all these capabilities, we offer our Combination Package with all four software products and their Manuals, and one headset, for a reduced price.

Some customers may wish to have a professional set up the system and supervise their use.  Others may wish to buy a system pre-installed on a laptop from us for an additional charge, while those who are fairly familiar with Windows PCs can succeed on their own.  We offer consultation via Zoom and Team Viewer and specific uses for an additional prepaid charge.  Consultation about specific uses and clients with the principal researcher, Dr. Estate (Tato) Sokhadze, who has published quite a few studies on our products, is available.  We do not charge for support or setup issues.

Please visit the individual linked pages for a more complete description.  Also, be sure to read our many Users’ Success Stories.  An itemization of what is included in each product is located here.

Extended Brainwave Control--The MyndHub and More

Our recent switch back to the improved MyndBand and MyndCap has also opened up a whole panorama of new possibilities for brainwave control of a variety of devices, including those powered by Alexa. 

MyndPlay has recently released the MyndHub, which complements its line of VR and other unique software.  The MyndHub uses a Bluetooth connection to our new MyndBand Pro to control the on, off, and amplitude signals it can provide to almost anything you can plug into it.  The most complete explanation is on the webpage for their new Kickstarter campaign.  You will really enjoy thinking about the possibilities which we intend to create by replacing the simple, slow, unclear brainwave control afforded by the older NeuroSky Attention and Meditation measures with the four protocols we describe here–particularly Alertness and Happiness.  

In the meantime, the MyndHub is a wonderful system for experimenting with conscious control of the Internet of Things and more, and you already will have a compatible MyndBand Pro.

Are you ready to have the power to increase your Happiness?

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You will also receive a special report, “Understanding and Activating Your Brain’s Pleasure Centers ” .   Learn about the relationships of dopamine to reward, pleasure, and addiction.

This website is primarily focused on the Happi Focus Trainer, but it also contains background information on the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, its predecessor for professionals with 77 designs and the Alertness protocol, which is still available, and other current Peak Achievement products.  As you browse the site, you can find the emphasis of the page by the logo in the upper left corner.

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