Happi Focus Trainer

The New Happi Focus Trainer Pro Can Improve Mood,

Stress, and Focus in the Home or Office

Decrease Stress, Increase Happiness, and Enhance Future Health 
by Offering Fundamental Brain Training Lessons!

Many people are very unhappy, anxious, and have lost their focus.  Justifiably so.  Unfortunately, lives have been disrupted and filled with sorrow.
So has your life, if you rely on seeing clients in person for your income.
Here’s what a professional trainer or therapist can do to meet this crisis
and the real problems caused by the restrictions and hesitation on office visits.

Innovation in Your Practice is Important Now

This is not a time to do more of the same, but rather to innovate, meet your clients’ altered spectrum of needs, and add to your offerings to attract new clients…time to rise to meet a new challenge…time to invest in a different future.  Employers are really seeking people with a strong love of learning–to help them adapt to an uncertain, rapidly changing future.

There are unique opportunities to work with schools and other organizations–including $34 billion in new American Rescue Act funding–to help students recover from loss of focusing skills while out of full-time school.  How can you help?

  • Peak Achievement Training launched the new Happi Focus Trainer Pro to help people cope with the COVID crisis.
  • You can train people to be happy while they focus. Remember "Whistle While You Work"?
  • The Manual and Training Videos include 12 Lessons teaching three unique methods, which are used to enhance single-pointed Focus, Attention Span, and Intense Widescreen Holistic Attention. All of them were not previously trainable.
  • It uses a another research-based proprietary method of fundamental brain training to train happiness and other positive feelings, and decrease stress.
  • These changes are known to increase resistance to viruses and improve overall health.

Are you ready to have the power to increase your clients’ Focus and Happiness?

To order or inquire, please call us at 1-800-886-4228 or 502-228-0605, or email us (info@peakachievement.com) to set up a Skype call or Zoom session.

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You will also receive a special report, “Understanding and Activating Your Brain’s Pleasure Centers”. Learn about the relationships of dopamine to reward, pleasure, and addiction.

We accept PayPal, which offers 90 day interest-free financing to qualified customers.  US leases are also available.


Enhancing Happiness and Lowering Stress to Boost Your Immune System and Future Health

Staying happy and lowering your stress is extremely valuable, particularly during this pandemic. Many people have tried meditation and other similar techniques, and not succeeded, although others have. These techniques, and many positive psychology techniques, usually have only a small effect on happiness, which may not be evident outside of their practice time. There are many studies which indicate that both enhancing happiness and decreasing stress levels improves long term health and some that show it causes a rapid improvement in resistance to viruses. Doing both is  better than just lowering stress. It is too early to say anything specific about resistance to Corona-19, but many people want to take advantage of any reasonable opportunity to resist this devastating illness and its variants.

Happiness is Based in Fundamental Biological Functions

The Happi Focus Trainer Pro takes advantage of a new discovery–the effects of fundamental brainwave training at 40 cycles a second, which we call Neureka! biofeedback. In Dr. Tato Sokhadze’s published study, using our Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, this Neureka! training has been shown to enhance happiness for four months after just twelve 25-minute sessions. Neureka! also increases when you experience other positive feelings, such as love, satisfaction, and gratitude. A prior published study by Dr. Beverly Rubik also showed that stronger Neureka! is also associated with lower stress.

Happi Focus and Focused Happitation

After mastering the technique, you can combine it with focusing on slightly deeper breathing and reach a state of joyful happiness without neurofeedback in a few breaths, by recalling the change in your state that increases Neureka!. We call it “Happitation”. You can choose calm or more excited Happitation. Both decrease stress. They are very useful, particularly in these times when our normal sources of both calm and excited happiness have been curtailed. You can learn to sustain them during training and after it. Most people are currently suffering from a happiness deficit that has lowered their average level of happiness. Teaching yourself or clients that a source of happiness can be reached within themselves is extremely important as an alternative to addiction and the underlying reward deficiency syndrome.  By simultaneously focusing, you can create Focused Happitation, an ideal state for work and study.   There are probably ways to add mindfulness to Happitation, which could open up another new field of teaching.

Here’s a great example of how quickly someone transformed their life in one session–a session that was just meant as a demo to a world-famous psychologist, Dr. Stanley Krippner, former Professor at Saybrook University and the author of over 25 books:
“When Jon Cowan arrived with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, I was greatly distressed because of no less than three catastrophes, personal and professional, I was striving to resolve.  Jon had gone out of his way to make the appointment and so I did not want to abort it.  I am pleased that I did not!  The level of attention required was well worth it. I found myself tuning in to parts of my mind/body that had grown fallowWhen it was over, I felt rejuvenated and ended the day in a good mood. The happiness that emerged from the session has never left me, and I go back to some of the self-monitoring techniques I used during the session to keep me contented, alert, and positive during each day.”
This note was written ten days after the demonstration.  When we checked back with Dr. Krippner 22 months after the demo, his positive mood was still holding.  We’ve had several other reports like this one, showing how truly powerful this training is.

Use Focus Training to Recover from the COVID School Layoff

Single-pointed Focus is also based on fundamental biological functions.  The Happi Focus Trainer includes neurofeedback training that improves the ability to focus and sustain your Attention Span, especially while you’re happy, which can be very helpful while regaining skills idled during COVID.  It has the same rapid Focus training used in Dr. Tato Sokhadze’s studies of ADHD, combined with Neureka! biofeedback on the same screen.   A newly discovered way of using Neureka! neurofeedback can train intense widescreen attention, which has many applications, in the military and elsewhere.  A study by Dr. Louis Csoka, who founded the Army’s Center for Enhanced Performance, found that this Focus Training doubled the attention span of the top 22 executives of a Fortune 500 company in only five training sessions.

Children and adults will benefit by learning how to enhance these qualities and abilities and reach peak performance, even better than before COVID.   

We also think that a lot of post-COVID brain fog is due to slowing of frontal lobe functions, which may be remedied by this approach, combined with the Alertness measure in our Peak BrainHappiness Trainer.  Research collaborators are needed. 

Published Studies Demonstrate Major Rapid Improvements in ADHD and Autism

There is documented effectiveness beyond happiness: Published studies performed independently by Dr. Tato Sokhadze and his colleagues indicate that there are quite significant improvements in evaluations of attention and behavior in clinically diagnosed ADHD in just twelve 25-minute sessions of Focus training.  

Similar studies of behavioral and mood issues in teenagers diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, some published and others presented at meetings, indicate that the same biofeedback designs for Neureka! and Focus produce major improvements in eighteen sessions.

How Can You Train Your Child or Client's Fundamental Brain Functions?

It’s as simple as what the boy in the picture is doing–looking at the display on the laptop and watching the video (his choice) get bigger as he gets happier and feels better. The picture also gets brighter as his focus improves, and this combined training also improves his attention and memory. Children notice the positive feelings and want to continue training. Dr. Sokhadze has never had a dropout from Neureka! training studies in over eight years!

While we can’t make clinical claims to resolve these issues, the Happi Focus Trainer Pro includes all that you need to do this remarkably fast training, except the DVDs or CDs. 

Read the claims—such as “The world’s first brain training device for home use”–and “studies” provided by our competitors very carefully.

The Happi Focus Trainer Combines Many Advantages

  • Features exclusive imported electronics and our unique, full version of BioExplorer training software with specialized methods included for Focus and Neureka!
  • It includes a very comfortable, durable, cool BioPrene Headband with embedded sensors or a Sport Cap with an inner ribbon and sensors. Your choice while supplies last.
  • No electrode paste--just wipe the forehead and earlobe sites with an alcohol swab and fasten the Velcro ends.
  • The leather headband can be cleaned with an alcohol swab, which kills COVID, and situated without touching the client.
  • Gets a great signal from the dry sensors without earclips.
  • It processes the signals using the best processor in the NeuroSky chip at 512 samples per second--not their more popular 1/second Attention output, which is much too slow.
  • It sends brainwaves via Bluetooth signals to a Windows PC or Mac (with a Windows partition).
  • Many thousand systems have been in use. It's had several revisions and is well tested.
  • Now available at a break-through introductory low price to professionals, with quantity discounts.

The Trainers for Professionals of All Persuasions

The Happi Focus Trainer Pro is an ideal system for professionals who are just starting out in neurofeedback and want something that is preconfigured, simple, and can make a major impact on their clients in a short time.  It can bring clients to your practice, and you can create programs in association with local organizations that recognize the COVID-related learning deficits.  There is a huge amount of funding in the American Rescue Plan ($34 Billion) for each school that applies for COVID aid to set aside 20% of the grant to catch students up, and they will be looking for innovative approaches to improving study skills.  What can you organize to meet this need?  

Both Trainers are far simpler to use than other neurofeedback or brainwave (EEG) biofeedback instruments, and far more accurate.  Your learning curve is fast:  There is no need to figure out how to create and use neurofeedback designs and displays, or do complex QEEGs, thereby saving so much valuable time and frustration that any price difference pales in comparison.  Even better, so is the student’s learning curve:  Most systems take at least several sessions under the guidance of a professional to reach the control of the feedback that can be achieved in just minutes with our patented, proprietary protocols.  The students soon recognize that it makes them feel good, and they are eager to return for more training.

Every Challenge Has the Seeds of Opportunity Inside It

These are obviously challenging times, and they offer an opportunity to transform your practice or create a new program to meet people’s changing needs by adding to your office training:

  • Team up with a school or training organization to create a program to boost focusing skills after COVID.
  • Sales or rentals for home training for the same purpose.
  • Supervision via Team Viewer or Zoom for the first several lessons on enhancing happiness and/or focus.​
  • Supervision of one lesson in approximately every five.
  • Availability for questions and support.
  • Customized additional training for your clients interested family members. We don't charge more but you can.
  • Appropriate remote evaluations.

The package price is up to you, and can be balanced so that the out-of-pocket costs for training are no more or less than office training, and you and the clients both save costs on transportation and a lot of time. You can do small group supervision with Zoom. Since you are educating, not treating diseases, you don’t need a license and HIPPA need not apply, unless you choose to do so. 

We are suggesting that this can be very helpful for anyone with issues paying attention, not just ADHD.  It made a huge difference with seasoned business executives and many athletes seeking peak performance.  Our two main purposes are enhancing happiness and focus, which are purely educational.