User’s Success Stories

“It’s great!”

Dr. Joel Lubar
Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Tennessee
Originator of using neurofeedback for ADHD


“The Peak Achievement Trainer is an excellent tool for providing enhanced skills in focus and concentration…The Peak Achievement Trainer provides the critical feedback needed to develop the skill equal to what elite athletes have been able to achieve.”

Col. (Ret.) Louis Csoka, Ph.D., Maximum Performance Group

Founder, Center for Enhanced Performance, U.S. Army at West Point

From his Video Endorsement


“I found that using neurofeedback allowed me to make changes in the way I worked that I didn’t believe were possible.  I felt I could put myself in the state sports professionals describe as ‘in the Zone’.  You are right there, entirely focused on the task, but also relaxed.  The first time I managed it, I was negotiating a $100 M acquisition merger and I got so clear about what I had to do.” 

Fred Rockwood

Former CEO, Hillenbrand Industries
Quote from Jerome Byrne:  “The Great Brain Train”
Financial Times (London):  How to Spend It, 2/11/10


“ I have used the Peak Achievement Training® and the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer® neurofeedback systems  with their various training applications in clinical research for many years.  I have published more papers than anybody else and have done more presentations on outcomes of neurofeedback training in the psychiatric population using this device. There are many very good reasons why I have continued to pursue research with this Trainer:  This system is wireless, has dry electrodes (no paste needed), is well tolerated by patients, and is very convenient to use in research, clinical and home settings…and then there’s the remarkable effectiveness of its unique methods.

When we did one of our first studies using the Focus/Alertness technique, we were surprised how fast children with ADHD managed to acquire behavioral self-regulation skills and improve neurocognitive measures of attention–after just 12 weekly thirty minute sessions.  This is much quicker than other methods, which typically take 20-40 sessions to show improvement. 

Later, we used the Focus/Neureka! method in several studies in children with autism spectrum issues.  An 18 session-long training course resulted in significant improvements in their behavioral and social responsiveness scores. We used similar protocols later in children with combined autism and ADHD.  Again, the outcomes, especially in terms of attention and emotional state improvement, were very impressive.

In one of our research studies in adolescents with drug abuse and disruptive behaviors we found that the improvements in ability to regulate the Neureka!  measure were related to more positive emotional states.   We also confirmed that Neureka! training increased the subjective rating of happiness for at least four months, which is probably why we have never had a subject drop out in over 8 years of research studies. This is highly unusual. 

This instrument could be especially useful during the pandemic when distant training may be a better option. I would strongly recommend this system.  It proved to be remarkably  effective in training self-regulation and is a very practical and reliable neurofeedback instrument”.

 Tato Sokhadze, PhD, Board Certified in Neurofeedback, 

Professor, Duke University Department of Neurology

“Neurofeedback provided by the Peak Achievement Trainer confirmed in a number of ways to the World Champions and other elite world class performers, that what they were perceiving relative to their attention distribution and arousal control was in fact, accurate and productively contributing to their performance.

This, in fact, further enhances their self confidence and encourages them to continue down the psychological pathways outlined. Moreover, it highlighted areas in the performance dynamic where they suspected that they had “fallen short” and subsequently, they attacked these issues with commitment and energy.

When it is part of a sport psychologist’s tools of trade to illustrate quality and distribution of focus, fluctuations in arousal level/alertness in behavioral and sport specific performance terms, the PAT provides a clear, visible and immediate representation of these psychological factors and performance correlates. The clarity of this representation is invaluable to both the athlete and the consultant psychologist as both an evaluative and educational tool.”

Dr. Noel Blundell

International Consultant
High Five Sport Psychology Consultants Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia
See Dr. Blundell’s complete review

“Many, many children have benefited and got great results.  The Peak Achievement system has shown time after time that it is one of the best solutions in the world to ADHD. It is effective, safe and not complicated to use. It is the most responsive attention measurement available I know.  This helps the feedback to be very real, and makes the training very effective and fast.”

Rabbi Ari Schoenfeld, Director, Hayeladim Shelanu, who has purchased 40 Trainers for use in with children in Jerusalem, Israel and Mexico.

Training with the PAT has been going very well. One of my young players Kristie Smith won in Australia last week against a class field and mentioned the PAT on the Australian Ladies Professional Golf website last week. Most of my players are really enjoying the benefits of understanding themselves better and what they need to improve.

I haven’t told you but the PAT will be getting unbelievable coverage in Korea because J Golf , the major Korean TV station (similar to the Golf Channel) came and did a full week videoing me training the US Womens Open winner, Eun Hee Ji. These guys were as we say in Australia were  “all over it ” I did a session with her on the range training with the PAT…….So all good thank you.”

Ian Triggs
Professional Golf Trainer 

When Jon Cowan arrived with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, I was greatly distressed because of no less than three catastrophes, personal and professional, I was striving to resolve.  Jon had gone out of his way to make the appointment and so I did not abort it.  I am pleased that I did not.  The level of attention required was well worth it.  I found myself tuning into parts of my mind/body that had grown fallow.  The demonstration was a long one but it did not seem that so much time had passed.  When it was over, I felt rejuvenated and ended the day in a good mood.  The happiness that emerged from that session has never left me, and I go back to some of the self-monitoring techniques I used during the session to keep me contented, alert, and positive during each day.  [This was written 10 days after the demonstration.  His happiness was still enhanced by these practices two years later.]

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Univ., Author of over 25 books.

I was feeling down in the dumps, overwhelmed by thinking about a number of troubling situations. I decided to do an Excited Happiness session. Just a few minutes after I started the 25-minute session, I was feeling quite cheerful and my troubles had faded into the background. It lasted for the rest of the day. The next day, I trained with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer for just 15 minutes and although I was cognitively aware of my troubling problems, they had no emotional effect on me. I remained happy and a bit excited. Again, it lasted the entire day. How wonderful! 

–Nurse Practitioner specializing in Psychiatry

“I want to report to you the remarkable results after the first week of using Socialize Ace software for both my wife and me and for two clients. It would be worth the investment if it was just for my wife and me but I am also excited about the initial results with my clients.  


The first client is a 31 yr old woman who lives in a group home.  She was diagnosed with Autism and has had seizures her whole life.  She discovered that when she smiled she could keep Neureka! in the zone. When she came in she was worried about a job interview the next day, but afterwards she felt confident and positive. As she left she spontaneous said that she had not felt this happy in years!  I had not even used the word happy. She did get the job. A great start.”


Another client, a woman in her 50s who has struggled with hormonal imbalances reported that she was crying less, felt more stable, slept well for the first time in months and felt happier overall. 

These are both after one session training for Focus and Neureka!   

After the first session my wife reported that she was not bombarded by thoughts like she usually is. That has continued with succeeding sessions. As for me, I feel energized, focused and clear minded using it daily.  I find that I am less inclined to pick up my phone and surf Facebook, etc.  I can resist nervous habits more easily.  I have less overall anxiety. 

I am quite pleased that I went to the trouble of researching the Socialize ACE and going to the TACA meeting to purchase it.”

Lloyd Hamner, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

 “Some athletes and performance gurus trying to get their heads “in the zone” swear by a device called the Peak Achievement Trainer® that conceals a band of sensors inside an ordinary-looking visor, allowing you to get brain wave data while touching up your PowerPoint presentation or working on your putting stroke.”

Steven Johnson
Best-selling author, “Mind Wide Open”
in MSN Slate

“The Peak Achievement Trainer® is a brilliant and promising new approach to neurofeedback. Coupled with Jonathan D. Cowan’s InAll protocol, it’s a tremendous system. The manual that comes with the unit is clear and well-written, helping the user get the most out of the equipment. The Peak Achievement Trainer® is a tremendous way to aid concentration and focus.”

Erik Olesen, Certified Neurofeedback Trainer,
Psychotherapist & Author of the best seller,
“Mastering the Winds of Change: Peak Performers
Reveal How to Stay on Top in Times of Turmoil”

“As the Strength and Conditioning Coach for a professional baseball team, I am constantly looking for ways to help my athletes increase their performance on the field. Most of my work is usually done below neck level, with the occasional attempt at improving psyche by use of encouraging words. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a product known as the Peak Achievement Trainer®. This product has the capability to help your athletes develop and train one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, their ability to concentrate effectively. The Peak Achievement Trainer® shows an athlete through a PC and easy to use software what it means to concentrate and relax. Helping an athlete understand how to concentrate may allow them easier access to the ‘zone’, that area of performance where every pitch looks as big as a grapefruit moving in slow motion. I would encourage anyone who is interested in helping with an athlete’s performance to look at the Peak Achievement Trainer® and see for yourself what it has to offer.”

Kevin Harmon A.T., C/L., C.S.C.S.

“The Peak Achievement Trainer® helps athletes develop the mental discipline that every true champion needs. I truly believe that if you want to move your team up a few places next year, this is an approach that can do it for you. We all know how difficult it is to keep many high school players consistently focused, especially when they are fatigued. There are many times when this can make the difference in a game. Since training an athlete to focus can also improve his grades, this type of practice can be done as a part of their academic program.”

Earl Browning, President, Telecoach, Inc.



“The Peak Achievement Trainer® is the most responsive neurofeedback I have ever tried.”

Tom Budzynski, Ph.D., First clinical biofeedback therapist in private practice, and inventor of EMG (muscle) biofeedback.

Dr. Les Fehmi, Inventor, Open Focus neurofeedback training

Dr. Dan Chartier, Former President, Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation

“It is the only one of the many neurofeedback methods I have tried that cleared up my adult ADD–in 21 twenty minute sessions.”

Dr. Tom Budzynski

“I personally like working with it better than the Lubar protocol. The kids love it. It has the best validity of any neurofeedback approach.”

Dr. George Fritz, pioneering neurofeedback therapist,
and co-author of The Open Focus Handbook

“We began using the Peak Achievement Trainer® as part of our School based Neurofeedback program in the spring of 2000. The children responded favorably to the training and my staff was pleased with the ease of using the equipment. I recommend this tool as an adjunct along with the other modalities that we use in our schools.”

Dr. Mary Jo Sabo, Administrator, Biofeedback Consultants Inc.,
Yonkers, NY School Based EEG Program

“It’s a great human resources tool. It created an opportunity to provide something pre-emptive with a positive, rather than a negative or critical, approach to seeking improved employee performance. It opened channels of communication for better supervisor-employee relations.”

Brian Finnegan
Quality Control Manager of a major hardware distributor

For the first time since I started working with the Peak Achievement Trainer I played a full round of golf. I was really pleased when I played 27 holes last Wednesday, scored four under par, and didn’t make bogey all day. I had used the Peak Achievement Trainer mostly when I practiced my putting, and it made a difference on the course. What I notice is that I become so focused on seeing the ball go into the hole that I feel like my putting stroke goes on auto pilot.

About four years ago I decided to completely change almost all aspects in my game to become a better player and teacher, but as I was changing I lost my confidence and my mind became very busy on the course. Since I have worked with the Peak Achievement program I have a lot less interference going through my mind. I feel more focused on a single point, calmer, and definitely a lot more composed and confident on the golf course.

Louis Sauer
PGA Teaching Pro
Highland Park, IL

“A year ago I broke my back in a diving accident. For 3-4 months I was unable to train for competition. Then I discovered the Peak Achievement Trainer® and used it to enhance my mental training (visualization) in place of the physical training in the pool. Five weeks later, after only a couple weeks in the water, I returned to competition and got to the finals (a comeback like that is unheard of in Big 12 competition following an injury of that severity). A week later I won the biggest diving meet in Texas and two months later I won the Big 12 Conference championships in diving. There is no question in my mind that the Peak Achievement Training® made it possible for me to return to competition quicker and it allowed me to increase my national ranking (not lose it) despite several months of the debilitating injury rehabilitation. In addition, I was able to block out the pain that naturally occurs during competition. I would not have had this success without using the Peak Achievement Trainer®.”

Erik Cook, University of Nebraska Diver
and USA National Team Member 2000,
Big 12 Conference 1-Meter Champion

“By staying really focused, I have recently been swimming faster in my workouts than I ever have before. The 400 meter freestyle is a race that hurts. When I look back, I remember my best races being races that didn’t really hurt. I believe I was in what people refer to as ‘the Zone’. With the Peak Achievement Training® system, I’ve been able to capture this ‘Zone’ and maintain my concentration level through the pain. Another area I’ve seen vast improvement in is during workouts. I’ve been able to avoid ‘negative’ thoughts. Workouts can become monotonous at times and your mind can wander. The Peak Achievement Training® system has enabled me to avoid those lapses during workout and has helped me to feel good about my workouts. Overall, my temperament is great. I feel calm and content even when things aren’t going my way.”

Chad Carvin, United States Silver Medalist,
4 X 200 Meter Men’s Relay Team, 2000 Olympic Games

“The bottom line for me is that Peak Achievement Training® is effective, and it is more effective than any other counseling or medication I have ever seen.”

Karen Laidlaw, LCSW
Mother of a child with attention problems

“Through using the Peak Achievement Trainer® now, I’m able to focus better, able to concentrate better. If I’m on the telephone, for instance, I can cut out 15 or 20 of the things that normally go on in my mind or your mind, and I’m able to focus on exactly what that individual is talking about. Now the Peak Achievement Trainer® has become a part of my weekly routine… This has been a wonderful experience for me, and I am very, very committed to continuing to use the Peak Achievement Trainer® in the future.”

Neil Kuvin, CEO
Convention Channel, Inc.

“I learned to train myself to relax during moments of intense stress and anxiety, and then direct my focus and concentration on the priority matters requiring my immediate attention. The value of this training was impressed on me a few months later when I took a professional skills test … This [training] enabled me to eliminate the distracting thoughts and relax, which enabled me to concentrate and pass the test. As a result, I was offered a position which clearly advanced me toward my professional goals.”

John Mark Powell, News Writer
Major television network

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