Happi Focus Trainer

The Unique Benefits of the 

New Happi Focus Trainer

We’ve just replaced the Happi Trainer with a much more complete system, and renamed it throughout the website and on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

 The Happi Focus Trainer offers a combination of powerful life transformations that has not been available before in any wellness product–for you, your loved ones, your friends, your employees, and/or your clients.  It is truly a unique, life-changing opportunity.

   Take a moment to think about how much better each of them will feel as a result of this 12 Lesson, step-by-step personal improvement course, which is based on using information found by our state-of-the-art analysis of their brainwaves to enhance their basic brain function!  Imagine how it can really help those with particular mental issues, and improve the lives of all of them, at no additional cost for each.   

You can bring them:    
Increased long term happiness, as shown in a published scientific study, and
More joy, satisfaction, gratitude, and love to share, andLower stress levels, and 
Better health–including immunity to viruses–and greater success, which have both  been  demonstrated to follow these feelings, and  
Their ability to increase these feelings from within themselves intentionally, rather than rely on something outside them to feel good, which can be addictive, and
Better ability to control their attention–including both narrow focusing and widescreen attention.  Each of these will be very valuable at key moments for improving their performance in school, life, work, and play.  They can enhance their brain’s function and improve their peak attention span, intensity, and flexibility, by watching it instantly displayed on their PC screen, and
Activation of their brains’ system for processing new discoveries, which improves learning and memory, and counteracts age-related cognitive decline, and
The combination of experiencing more happiness while paying greater attention, which motivates them and makes their life much more pleasant, while it facilitates reaching their goals.   

   Take a moment to think about who in your life would benefit from these abilities.  Your children?  Your parents? You?  Your spouse? Your friends?  Your current or future clients?  Think about how wonderful it would feel to share this with them…something so unique, powerful, and enjoyable…a huge step forward in brainwave biofeedback training, directly enhancing their control of two of their basic brain systems, Focus and Neureka!  

   This is an outstanding offer, with no monthly surcharges, and its really not too good to be true.  Its based on 45 years of research (starting at the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse Addiction Research Center)…product creation and improvement…lots of discovery and tweaking …the development of a Manual, a Quick Guide, and Training Videos…and published clinical studies with highly significant results demonstrating the quick improvement of those with ADHD, autism, and the happiness and performance of typical people. 

   Those above 14 can generally do Happi Focus Training on their own, while younger folks will need adult help.  This creates the possibility that those in the helping professions can add this to their practice and quickly recoup their investment. 

   If you are interested in the details backing this brief note, please take the time to review the Happi Focus website, and particularly the pages with the Happi Trainer logo on the top left, followed by “Train Your Brain to Create Happi Focus–Simply and Easily”.  The website also describes our other products, which may be of interest to you. 

    Contact us there to join our list or by calling +1-502-228-0605, to find out more about the purchase that will transform your lives.  We will be pleased to show you more by Zoom or Skype with an appointment.

  We would like to help you to lead a happier, healthier, and more successful life.  Please take the time to learn more for your own well-being.      


Dr. Jon Cowan 

The Unique Benefits of the New Happi Focus Trainer