Peak Performance Programs for Corporations
To remain a leader in their industry, a Fortune 500 healthcare company created a Peak Performance Center for their executives under the leadership of Dr. Louis Csoka, the retired Colonel who founded the Army’s Center for Enhanced Performance at West Point. The Center was designed to quickly and effectively train top corporate executives to achieve peak performance through strengthening and honing each person’s mental capacity. It was developed with the strong support of their CEO as part of their Leadership Development Program.
Dr. Csoka surprised us by recording this endorsement.

Twenty three top executives doubled their ability to sustain their concentration in just five sessions of Peak Achievement Training®. The increased Run time indicates enhanced ability to sustain focus without losing it, even momentarily. Part of this program’s powerful effectiveness is the ingenious method that NeuroTek developed to clarify and simplify the user’s experience. This is reflected in the participant’s ratings. The complicated science involved in peak performance training has been made easy to understand and put to use. The end result is that anyone can quickly learn the program and experience results within a couple of hours of receiving the package. That’s powerful!

This chart shows the clear conviction of participants in the Peak Performance courses that the training they received was highly relevant and applicable to their professional careers. The Attention Control Training component, which was taught with the Peak Achievement Trainer, was rated the highest of all by the Federal executives and the middle management, executive management team, and high potential executives at the Fortune 500 company. When this is combined with their opinions on the significance of their improvement, it is clear that this approach is a very strong aid to productivity. Simultaneously decreasing stress levels enhances the benefit to the individual and should increase job retention and decrease health care costs.

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